DPVA Local Committee Training Agenda (Fourth Congressional District Local Committees)

11AM, Saturday, September 7, 2013
Sentara, St. Luke’s Medical Complex
20209 Sentara Way, Carrollton, VA 23314

I. 11:00-11:10AM: Greetings
II. 11:10-11:30AM: DPVA and 2013 Overview
III. 11:30-10:50AM: How to Run an Effective Local Committee
IV. 11:50AM-12:20PM: VAN Overview
V. 12:20AM-1:00PM: Lunch
VI. 1:00-1:20PM: 2013 Messaging, Dealing with Local Media & Social Media
VII. 1:20-1:40PM: Local Committee Fundraising and Compliance
VIII. 1:40-2:00PM: Precinct Operations
IX. 2:00-2:20PM: What can you do NOW for to win in 2013? The Coordinated Campaign and on the ground efforts to elect Democrats.
X. 2:20-2:35PM: Wrap Up Discussion, Adjournment