Kerry Holmes is running for Virginia’s 14th Senatorial district in the special election of August 6th, 2013. This special election is being held to fill the seat of retiring Republican Harry Blevins. Kerry Holmes is running against Republican John Cosgrove.

Many Democrats are skeptical about a win for the 14th Senatorial District. The region, which includes Southern and Western portions of Suffolk and parts of Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Franklin, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton, traditionally votes 60% Republican. But Kerry can win this election.

Kerry, Kimberly, and Kaitlyn Holmes (2008 photo)
Kerry, Kimberly, and Kaitlyn Holmes (2008 photo)

Kerry will charm Virginians with his soft, friendly demeanor and impress us with is elocution, honesty, and political knowledge. He will win swing voters with his military service, his faith, and his promise of fiscal restraint while supporting Democratic values on vital issues such as Medicaid expansion, background checks, and equal rights.

A Democratic win in this special election will give the Virginia Senate a Democratic majority, and it will keep the 14th Virginia Senatorial district out of the hands of an ALEC state chairman and hero of right wing gun organizations that helped defeat sensible background check legislation.

Additionally a win for Kerry Holmes, who lives here in Suffolk, will be a win for the region. Western Tidewater is underrepresented in the General Assembly, as are Democrats. And as much as we can blame gerrymandering and big money (paying for dishonest campaigns from organizations such as ALEC), the solution to being underrepresented is to turn out and vote.

Suffolk is extremely important to Kerry Holmes’s campaign. And Kerry’s campaign is extremely important to us. I hope and expect a lot of energy from the SDC (even members who don’t live in the 14th) in turning out the vote.

Please join me as we ramp up efforts to get Kerry Holmes elected to represent Virginia’s 14th Senatorial District and give Virginia’s Senate a Democratic majority.

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