Suffolk Delegates and Alternates to the 4th District Convention

Thanks to all of the participants and to all who helped. It was great for so many people to show up and take an interest in Virginia politics during this important election year.

We have 21 and delegates and 8 alternates. That’s one less than our maximum number of delegates because one name had to be removed from the list after the names were added, but with the alternates, we will be sending a full delegation to the 4th District convention in Deep Creek, on the 18th.

Adams, Pauline
Boone, Orga
Broughton, Joseph JR
Brown, Shirley P.
Byrd, Carol J
Coker, Fannie Freeman
Ford, Ernestine
Gatling, Jewel
Hutson, Rashida
Jenkins, Ashlin
Jenkins, Brittney
Jenkins, Clinton
Jenkins, Karen
Johanningsmeier, Carol A
Keys, Joseph L
Murray, Cheryl
Outlaw, Beverly
Stockard, Sandra Renee
Welch, Shiela S
Williams, Gerald
Williams, Vanessa

Bredemeyer, Arthur C
Donner, Susan E
Edwards, Johnnie
Evans, Katina
Mizelle, Gloria
Nelson, Gregory
Singleton, Arthur L
Ward, Lue