Rules for the Suffolk Democratic Committee, Virginia Assembled Caucus of April 29, 2013

1. The Committee Chair or a designee will serve as Temporary Chair of the caucus.

2. The Temporary Chair will identify an official clock. All times shall be read from the official clock.

3. The doors of the caucus meeting room will be open and the certification process will begin at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, April 29, 2013.

4. The Temporary Credentials Committee shall be responsible for checking in caucus participants. The Temporary Credentials Committee shall designate an an entrance area inside the the caucus room. All caucus participants must fill out a caucus participation form prior to moving from the entrance area to the caucus area. Upon acceptance and approval by the Temporary Credentials Committee, the participant will receive a caucus confirmation slip and be allowed to enter the caucus area.

5. A five minute warning will be issued by the Temporary Chair (or his or her designee) at 7:55 p.m. The doors to the caucus room will be closed five minutes after the warning. Persons standing in line to complete forms at the time the doors are closed will be allowed to participate in the caucus.

6. The Temporary Chair will call the caucus to order.

7. The first order of business shall be the election of a Permanent Caucus Chair. Nominations shall be made from the floor. If there is more than one nominee, ballots will be distributed, collected and counted. The Temporary Chair will appoint 2 tellers and 1 observer who shall announce the results. If there is one nominee, the Temporary Chair will declare the nominee as Caucus Chair.

8. The Chair shall appoint a permanent Secretary, Permanent Credentials Committee, and such other officers as deemed necessary.

9. The Chair shall call for a motion on the Temporary Rules. The rules may be amended from the floor, put to a vote, and adopted.

10. The Chair shall offer a report of the total number of caucus participants from the Credentials Committee.

11. The Chair shall offer a report on the number of nominees who pre-filed for Delegate.

12. The Caucus shall elect a total of 22 Delegates and up to 11 Alternates.

13. If the number of candidates who pre-filed exceed the allocations as stated in paragraph 12 above then the election of Delegates and Alternates shall be by ballot and the following rules shall apply.
a) The Chair shall appoint 3 Tellers to count the ballots.
b) The number of delegates as stated in paragraph 12 shall be chosen from the candidates with the highest number of votes.
c) The next 11 candidates with the next highest number of votes will be declared Alternates.
d) Ties shall be broken, if necessary, by coin toss.

14. If the Delegates and Alternates are less than the number allocated then the Chair shall seek volunteers from among those participating in the Caucus to fill the allocated spaces.

15. The Chair will announce the final results of the caucus vote and adjourn the caucus.