The following are excerpts from the Democratic Party of Virginia’s Thanksgiving message,

“As we pause to join with friends and family to celebrate the many blessings we enjoy, the Democratic Party of Virginia wishes the safest and happiest of Thanksgiving holidays for all Virginians and their families.

“Each of us is blessed to live in the greatest Commonwealth in the greatest country on Earth – one full of opportunity, ingenuity and honest, hardworking people. …

“As we give thanks together today it is also important to recognize that too many of our fellow Virginians are struggling with hunger, poverty, homelessness, and other difficult circumstances. This is a time to reflect on our efforts to extend a hand to those in need and to consider whether we are able to do a little more to help them lift themselves up. …

“This holiday season is a great time to give thanks, look back on how far we’ve come together and reflect on the challenges we have yet to solve. If we have learned anything over the past year it is that Virginians are capable of incredible things when we work together for a better future.

The Suffolk Democratic Committee echoes the DPVA’s wishes. In appreciation of our accomplishments so far and in looking forward to even more, have a safe and joyous Thanksgiving.

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