Tuesday’s Meeting was All About Change.

Art Bredemeyer, SDC Chairman for nine years, stepped down due to time commitments, including the care of his mother-in-law who needs continuous attention. He was not at the meeting but in a letter he said that it has been an honor to serve the committee for so long and that he would continue to support the committee’s efforts to elect Democrats into office. Benjamin Goldberg is acting Chairman.

The committee received seven new applications from OFA volunteers, and we owe a thanks to Tony Castillio for encouraging his volunteers to come to the meeting.

The committee congratulates long time member Lou Ward on his election to City Council. Councilman Ward is also the president of the local NAACP chapter and the publisher of Suffolk Happenings.

If the words “Upcoming Elections” make for an unpleasant surprise in mid November, remember that every year is an election year in Virginia and we always have important work to do. Committee members will receive election information shortly, by email. Members can also find information about upcoming elections from a variety of sources, including the Virginia Board Of Elections website (which is not currently updated with 2013 information).

Once again, congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to ensure the nation stays on track as we recover from a fiscal crisis and pave a way to a more equitable and more prosperous future. Let’s use our new enthusiam to grow stronger and do more good work.

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