Vote June 12 in the Primary for U.S. Congress

Vote June 12 to for your choice between Ella Ward and Joe Elliot for U.S. Congress. One of those two Democratic challengers who will go up against Randy Forbes, or his Republican rival Bonnie Girard, to represent the 4th congressional district in the U.S. Congress in November.

Portraits of Ella Ward and Joe Elliot

Joe Elliot is running as the “Average Joe”, a political outsider who will give the people a direct voice inside congress.

Ella Ward is running as an experienced representative, having served the public as an educator, a member of the Chesapeake City School Board, and a Chesapeake City Councilwoman.

There will be one Democratic primary race on June 12 and two Republican primary races. The Republicans, in addition to the race for the 4th Congressional District, will also have a primary for Senate with candidates George Allen, E. W. Jackson, and Bob Marshall, one of whom will go against Democrat Tim Kaine in November.

You can check your polling location at the Where do I vote? page from the Virginia State Board of Elections.

We will be having our regularly scheduled meeting on the same date.

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