OFA Events for August

Grassroots Planning Session Monday, August 1

Join OFA for their critical strategy meeting. Your input will shape our roadmap to victory, since it’s going to take meetings all over our state to spread the word about this campaign and our movement. Now is the time to get involved to take real action for President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket. Your ideas and feedback will determine our organizing in your community. Also learn how you yourself can become a volunteer and began to organize in your own community.

Phone Banking Schedule

Starting August 4th, the Panera Bread phone bank will be moved from Thursday nights to Monday nights. There will be no Panera phone bank on the 4th and the first Monday will be August 8th.

The phone bank at Union Hall on E. Washington St. will continue to be on Thursdays.

Nine volunteers at Team Southside made 300 calls last week!

Happy Birthday POTUS

Wednesday, August 3rd POTUS Bday @ Panera
Thursday, August 4th POTUS Bday @ Union Hall

On August 3rd and 4th supporters around the country will build this campaign together by hosting house meetings with their neighbors. In honor of the President’s birthday, we’ll be connecting with the celebration he’s attending in Chicago- and hearing a special message from President Obama to guests at house parties. If you’ve been waiting to get involved in the campaign, this is the perfect opportunity to have fun with your neighbors, discuss our future efforts, and gear up for 2012.

In lieu of gifts for President Obama, please bring non-perishable items for donation to the Suffolk Food Bank