United Citizen Power – Southside – February Team Meeting

United Citizen Power is ready to build off of the energy from their 2018 Strategy Session!!

YOUR voice is needed at their February meeting so they can build power in our community to make government work for ALL of us!

All are welcome, whether you attended the last meeting or not!!

United Citizen Power – Southside Chapter
February Team Meeting

Monday, February 26, 2018

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Station #5  
3901 Bridge Rd,
Suffolk, VA 23435

RSVP: Michele – 757.620.3931

Primary day and Meeting June 13

Our next meeting will be June 13th, which is also Primary Day when we will choose our Democratic candidates for Governor, LT Governor, and, for some voters in Suffolk, House of Delegates District 64.

Please look at our Candidate Information Page for information about our candidates and links to their websites.

Vote in the Democratic Primary this Tuesday, then join us for our monthly meeting at 701 East Old Pinner Street.

See you Tuesday!

SDC Outreach Committee / Indivisible Meeting

The Outreach Committee will be holding a meeting at 1591 Cherry Grove Road North on Saturday, 18 March 2017, 2PM to 4PM, and we’re asking members to bring in a millennial!

This will also be an Indivisible meeting.


  • Please note:
    • There are two Cherry Grove Roads in Suffolk. Our meeting will be at Cherry Grove Road North near Smithfield, just inside the Suffolk City line.
    • We found that on at least some navigation devices:
      • If you enter 1591 Cherry Grove Road North Suffolk, it will take you to mailboxes and the sign for Holly Tree Lane.
      • If you enter 1563 Farmington Drive Suffolk, it will take you to the house.
  • From the North (Smithfield/Benn’s Church, Benn’s Grant area): Turn left on RR604/Riddick Road past the Old Dominion Hay Company to a “T” intersection with RR600 Cherry Grove Rd. N. Left turn for 1.6 miles to Holly Tree Lane Sign and our house.
  • From the South (Suffolk/Chuckatuck): Turn right on RR600, Cherry Grove Rd. N. for 3.0 miles to the Holly Tree Lane Sign and the house.
  • After the turn on Holly Tree Lane, the house is the third house on the right, about .4 miles of a mile down the lane. It is a white house with red doors.

Great Meeting Tonight!

The committee would like to thank our Democratic candidates who joined us this evening: Jerry Cantrell, Rebecca Colaw, and John Wandling, running for the House of Delegates seat for District 64, Cliff Hayes, who is the delegate for the 77th District, Janel Hofler on behalf of Delegate Matthew James, and John Mahon on behalf of candidate for LT Governor Susan Platt.

We’d also like to thank our members and guests for their participation in tonight’s conversation. Stay involved! Please support our Democratic candidates. Visit their websites, follow them on social media, and consider canvassing for or contributing to their campaigns.

Also, keep the pressure on your representatives! Call, write, or show up. And remember, tomorrow (Mar 15), to send your postcard to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as part for the Ides of Trump effort.

Next Meeting @ 6:30 (Not the Usual 7:00): Meet & Greet for Local Candidates

Our next meeting will be a meet and greet for local candidates. We’re expecting all three Democrats running for House of Delegates District 64, for which there will be a Democratic primary in June, to be among our guests on Tuesday. They are Jerry Cantrell, Rebecca Colaw, and John Wandling

We’re also pleased to be joined by Susan Platt, Democratic primary candidate for Lt. Governor of Virginia.

We’ll be meeting at 6:30 instead of 7:00 to make time for our primary candidates and other guests.

All are invited to our meeting place at 701 East Old Pinner Street (LW’s Center) at 6:30, on Tuesday the 14th.